Ayurveda is a system of healing with roots in ancient India. A medical science with the purpose to heal and to maintain the quality and longevity of life, Ayurveda — ayur (life), veda (knowledge) — translates to knowledge of life. It focuses on diet and lifestyle to prevent disease.

Both yoga and ayurveda have the common goal of alleviating suffering to have a more joyful, healthy life. Ayurveda focuses on preventing and treating disease. Yoga focuses on disciplines related to the mind and senses.

Ayurvedic practices nourish the body so that we may develop a more productive yoga practice. With consistent practice of ayurveda techniques, the body will become stronger and healthier. When the body feels free,I the mind begins to become more clear.

Ayurvedic Counseling Sessions

Make changes by integrating the wisdom of Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle practices into your life to support your overall well being.

Ayurveda and Yoga therapy Initial Consult $175

Devoted to your overall health and well-being. The initial consult includes a review of your diet, lifestyle and medical history. We will work together to set goals related to your health. Includes a written wellness plan with diet and lifestyle suggestions to work towards bringing you into a state of balance. (75 minutes)

Follow-up consult $50

Support to help you implement your wellness plan, sustain your path to wellness and focus on specific issues. (30 minutes)

Initial Consult plus 2 follow-ups $250

Initial consult along with a follow-up within 2 weeks to review your personalized wellness plan, plus a second follow-up withIin another 4-6 weeks to add any new recommendations as improvement is made.

Ayurvedic Community Cleanses

Get your digestion back on track with Ayurvedic clean eating and daily self-care in a gentle, safe and and nurturing time tested method. The juncture of seasons is the ideal time to cleanse the body. Clean eating coupled with healthy daily routines will help you set the reset button and cleanse unnecessary accumulations. Cleanses are offered at the juncture of the spring and fall seasons.